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Taryn Terrell

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img 8096From:  New Orleans, Louisiana

Model, actress, stuntwoman and now TNA Knockout. On the outside, some might see Taryn Terrell as a "hot mess," but trust us, that feisty attitude sits atop a laser-like focus to be the best she can be at whatever task is in front of her.  Joining the Knockouts competitive roster in April 2013 after a stint as the division's in-ring official, Taryn now sets her sights on the pinnacle, the coveted Knockouts championship. "Don't mistake me for being just a blonde," Taryn says. "I know what I’m doing, where I'm going, and what I want… Knockouts gold."

IMPACT WRESTLING Career Highlights:  Former Knockouts Division referee, current Knockouts competitor

- Former Playboy model

- As an actress, she had a recurring role as Cindy on HBO’s “Treme”, and appeared in the movie The Campaign and television shows “Common Law” and “K-Ville”

- Has appeared in multiple movies as a stunt double

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