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Austin Aries

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img 9451Height:  5'9" 
Weight: 210 lbs. 
From:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Finishing Move:  Brainbuster

“A Double” Austin Aries bills himself as “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived.”  This assertion is a direct reflection of his larger-than-life personality and ostentatious wrestling style.  Aries has quickly risen to prominence while basking in the adoration of his loyal fans.  Arrogant and boastful, Aries relies on his concise and flawless executions to subdue his opponents in the ring.  Aries is recognized as one of only five wrestlers to achieve the TNA Triple Crown by winning the World Heavyweight Championship, the Tag Team Championship and the X Division Championship.  

- Vegetarian, wine connoisseur
- Attended college at Winona State University in Minnesota 
- Currently resides in Largo, FL, a suburb of Tampa 
- Avid Green Bay Packers fan 

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