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img 0378Height:  6'2" 
Weight:  247 lbs. 
From:  Atlanta, Georgia
Finishing Move:  Gun Rack

One of the most promising young superstars in IMPACT WRESTLING, Gunner went from serving as security to one of the fastest-rising competitors on the roster.  A true student of the game, his intensity, power and ability are on par with many of the top Superstars.  Gunner pulled off the biggest victory of his career when he pinned Sting prior to Slammiversary in 2011.  With a Television Championship reign already on his resume as well as a TNA World Tag Team Championship reign with “The Cowboy” James Storm, the future is wide open for Gunner.  Gunner previously served in the armed forces before joining the ranks of IMPACT WRESTLING where he has been turning heads ever since and is destined to be one of the next big stars on the IMPACT WRESTLING roster. 

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