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Kurt Angle

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img 0915Height: 6' 
Weight: 240 pounds 
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Finishing Move: The Angle Slam

Kurt Angle is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world.  He is a two-time NCAA national champion wrestler, three-time NCAA All-American and he won an Olympic gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Games. A multi-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle has been dominant in every organization he has been a part of and Angle turned the world of professional wrestling upside down by signing with TNA in 2006.  TNA Wrestling fans voted this as the greatest acquisition in TNA history. With his time in TNA, Kurt Angle has become the second Triple Crown champion in TNA, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA Tag Team Championship and the TNA X Division Championship.

- 1996 Summer Olympic Gold Medalist – Atlanta, GA 
- Multi-time World Heavyweight Champion 
- Wrestled in college 
- One of only four people in the world to complete the Grand Slam in amateur wrestling (Junior Nationals, NCAAs, World Championships and the Olympics)  
- Filmography: Singlet - The Dana Kelly Story (2014), Pain & Gain (2013), Beyond the Mat (2013), The Lighthouse (2012), Death from Above (2012), Warrior (2011), River of Darkness (2011), Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010) and End Game (2009)

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