IMPACT WRESTLING | Wednesdays 9PM E/P on Destination America

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Follow Manik on Twitter at: @MaskaraManik

ManikPicHeight: 5'10" 
Weight: 200 pounds

Unveiled first in the TNA IMPACT video game, the mysterious masked X Division Superstar came to life inside the ring on IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike. His in-ring abilities are that of a skilled high-flyer, which brought him success and the X-Division Championship.  After a hiatus from the ring, he returned to TNA and the X Division - but it was Austin Aries who caused a huge controversy involving the masked man!  In order to regain the X Championship, Aries hijacked the costume and persona from TJ Perkins, the man behind the mask.  Now reborn as Manik, Hulk Hogan has given the masked superstar a new start in TNA and the high-flying X Division!

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