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IMPACT Coverage: The Hardys face Team 3D, New X Division Contender, Fallout from Dixie Going Through a Table


IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James

August 14, 2014

IMPACT opens with Bully Ray and a recap of Dixie Carter being powerbombed through a table!

Bully says after four long months, he kept his word to the fans.  He thanks them and says he couldn’t have done it without all of them.  Above all, he says he wants to thank his brother Devon.  Devon celebrates in the ring with Bully Ray as The Hardy Boys enter the arena.  

Matt says it’s been 12 years since the four of them were in the ring together.  Team 3D and The Hardys agree to face each other – one more time, to which Devon exclaims, “Oh my brother, testify!”

Video:  Recap of Samoa Joe becoming the new X-Division Champion.

Backstage:  Samoa Joe says he’s the best in the world and that he’s the one to reinvigorate the X-Division. 

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud, EC3 and Rhino head toward the IMPACT Zone. 


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