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What Happens After #ItHappened!?


Months in the making, last week #ItHappened!

Bully Ray, with an assist from the entire TNA Locker Room, finally got his hands on Dixie Carter and drove her through a table. Gone but not forgotten, we’re sure that Dixie’s status (and injuries) will be a hot topic tonight on IMPACT. EC3, Rockstar Spud and Rhino will certainly be on the hunt for revenge after what happened to “Aunt D”.

The rest of the locker room has been abuzz as well. Below you can see reaction videos from a number of IMPACT Stars and Knockouts.

What will happen in the wake of the most shocking moment in IMPACT history? We will have an update on Dixie’s condition tonight and we hear that EC3 and co. will be on hand to address what happened last week. Don’t miss an incredible IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike!