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Impact Coverage by Bobby James

July 24, 2014

Video:  IMPACT Wrestling opens with a recap of Bully Ray’s quest to put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table!

Christy Hemme announces the first contest:

MATCH #1: 

Falls Count Anywhere


“The It Factor” Bobby Roode enters the IMPACT Zone to kick-off the show, but MVP no-shows his introduction.   

Backstage, MVP argues with Kurt Angle about having a match, claiming his torn meniscus prevents him from competing.  Bobby Roode rushes to the back and attacks MVP.  They fight throughout the backstage area of the Manhattan Center before the brawl spills into the arena and Roode hits MVP with a trash can.

Roode clears an area of fans out of harm’s way – then sends MVP flying into a cluster of folding chairs!  MVP throws a drink into Roode’s eyes before hitting him with a chair.  Roode and MVP fight around the ring until Roode sends MVP crashing onto the ramp with a suplex.   

Kenny King surprise attacks Roode from behind, but Eric Young rushes in to make the save.  MVP slams Roode into the steel stairs, and then rolls him into the ring.  The crowd chants for Bobby Roode as MVP repeatedly assaults him with a steel chair.

Roode regains his advantage and slams the chair into MVP’s knee, leaving MVP reeling on the mat.  After repeated assaults with the chair on MVP’s knee, Roode locks in a sharp shooter and forces the former director of wrestling operations to tap! 

Winner:  Bobby Roode


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