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Rhino: Anatomy of a Betrayal

Never has there been as been a more shocking a turn of events then Rhino’s new status as Dixie Carter’s “Hired Gun”. When you take into account the rich history he has shared with Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer over the decades, it seems like a callous slap in the face to his supposed life-long friends. Rhino selling out this way seems to contradict the anti-establishment spirit he once shared with his brothers in arms.
With that being said, will his presence in next week’s Streetfight be enough to throw Team 3D and Dreamer off their game? Will he give Ethan Cater III and Rockstar Spud the advantage they need to prevail?
Will blood, sweat, tears and hard earned camaraderie triumph over cold hard cash? Will Dixie Carter have the last laugh, or will she face the threat of the table once more?

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