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Spud’s Top 5 Tips for Looking Like A Sophisticated Gentleman This Summer

Rockstar Spud has become a fashion icon in the wrestling ring with his signature colorful suits and perfectly worn bow ties. He has many style secrets for this season and is ready to reveal his favorites. Get your summer wardrobe ready as Spud gives you 5 sizzling tips on how to look like a sophisticated gent this season.


Taking care of your skin is very important. I recommend a LOW protection sunscreen so you can get extra orange. People will notice you have put in many hours to look as bronze and handsome as Madam Dixie's Chief of Staff does under the lights and in front of the cameras on IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night on Spike!


Who wears short shorts? SPUD wears short shorts and especially in the summer time. Make sure the shorts are very colorful and bright. If you’re lucky, girls might start to notice you. 


It’s very important to wear the appropriate shoes for a hot summer day. I personally like to wear flip flops, so I can get some air to my feet. I always apply a foot powder before I go out in the sun, and I’m not embarrassed about it. I own everything, and I’m confident with my body.


I always have my shades on in the sunshine, but don’t fret if you forget them at home. Usually when I’m at the pool, there are always children swimming, screaming and splashing.  Generally, it’s really annoying so while they are off doing what children do, I just walk over to their clothes and pick up their shades. Half the time the children are too busy being obnoxious and don’t notice their shades missing. I hate children. I’m so glad I never was one.

5.  BOW TIE –

You ALL know that the Chief of Staff doesn’t go ANYWHERE without a bow tie. That includes in the sunshine as well. You might get some funny looks and stares but people are jealous. I like being me, Madame Dixie likes me, my best friend, EC3, likes me and what you see is what you get. I wear a bow tie in the sunshine, so I suggest when you hit the beach or are on vacation lounging by a resort pool, make sure to have a bow tie on and be a stand out.

My lords, ladies and gentlemen, these are 5 hot tips for a sexy summer from a sophisticated gentleman. Apply all these tips to your everyday wardrobe and you will look fabulous!