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IMPACT Coverage: NEW World Champion - LASHLEY!!! Plus, the Dixie/Dreamer confrontation, Taryn Terrell, Bobby Roode's surprise return and much more!

IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James | June 19, 2014

“The Aftermath of Slammiversary XII” IMPACT opens with a recap of Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match between Eric Young, Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries. 

MVP kicks off the show!  Mike Tenay mentions MVP’s not medically cleared for competition after suffering a torn meniscus, which kept him from Slammiversary’s main event.  MVP is interrupted immediately by a “You can’t wrestle!” chant from the raucous and lively Pennsylvania crowd!  MVP exclaims tonight will be run his way, in defiance of the Board of Directors, and he calls out the champion, Eric Young!

 MVP and Eric Young exchange threats.  Kenny King grabs the mic and challenges the champ to a match.  Eric Young calls Earl Hebner to the ring. 

MATCH #1: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Eric Young, with an extremely vocal crowd behind him, takes the early advantage until he’s thrown from the ring.  Bobby Lashley and MVP approach, but are countered by Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and The Wolves. 

Kenny King uses the distraction to fly over the top rope onto the champion.  He rolls Eric Young into the ring and continues his assault.  E-Y changes the momentum until he’s dropkicked into the turnbuckle by Kenny King.  Eric Young kicks out of a pinning suplex combination then counters Kenny King’s Coronation with a small package for the pin! 

Winner:  Eric Young


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