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Bram and Magnus: TNA’s Most Destructive New Pair


Last week, Magnus warned Bram to not take his match against Willow lightly. Explaining that Jeff Hardy only became Willow after being beat by Magnus for the World Title. Bram doesn’t ever seem to be phased by Magnus’ warnings and is only concerned that Magnus has lost his hunger, become complacent and lost his edge. Bram struck a nerve with Magnus after claiming that maybe Magnus would never get that edge back, and never be the “Old Magnus” again.  Is this just an experiment for Bram to get Magnus back to his old violent ways? After Magnus interfered in Bram’s match against Willow last week, taking the weapon from Bram & using it on Willow. Bram was psychotically delighted and crazily thrilled that the dark and brutal “Old Magnus” had returned.

588magnus2Is Bram really here to help Magnus become his old self because he truly cares, or is Bram here on his own agenda? But, how often in the history of wrestling, have wrestlers truly put themselves on the line for the benefit of another? Is he creating a monster in Magnus that he intends to control? But for what purpose?

Let’s assume Bram’s experiment worked and Magnus is now actually on the “dark side”. Now the questions become, how far will they go and what kind of havoc can we expect from these two?

The “dark side” as portrayed in Star Wars, draws energy from passion and violence, and is enhanced by fear, anger, hatred and rage. Coincidently, all, the things Bram is bringing out in Magnus. While we can assume this destructive duo will not be choking out opponents with their minds, it is safe to say we can definitely expect a force unlike any other in recent TNA history. Will they go down their own malicious paths, or team up? If Magnus isn’t careful controlling his rage, he could not only create destruction, but also self-destruction.

Benjamin Franklin once said “Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame”. Maybe that’s Bram’s plan all along, to bring Magnus to shame. By giving in to these tense negative emotions, Magnus could become self-aggrandizing, engaging in a never ending, greed-filled pursuit of power.

Now that Willow seems to know his place among the pair, what will happen now also have to contend with the monster Abyss?
And speaking of Willow, what will this do to him? Will this send Willow into an even deranged place, or will this bring back the "Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy?

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