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Dixie Declares War: TNA President In Texas For Board Meeting can report that TNA President Dixie Carter left the TNA Offices in Nashville on Monday to attend Sunday's Slammiversary event to attend a meeting with the Board of Directors in Dallas, the site of the annual Pay-Per-View event.

According to sources, Carter is meeting with the Board to discuss the future (and possible fate) of TNA Director of Wrestling Operations, MVP. At the end of last week's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast, Dixie lashed out at MVP and his alliance for their treatment of her nephew EC3, promising all deals were off and that they should get ready for war!

MVP is competing in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship against Eric Young this Sunday at Slammiversary in Dallas, but now he must possibly prepare for retribution from the TNA President as the event is held in her backyard of Dallas. If Dixie has her way, MVP might be walking into a hornet's nest this Sunday. He may have the numbers, but in Dallas, everyone knows Dixie calls the shots.

It's been an ongoing power struggle between the TNA President and the Director of Operations, even before MVP gained leverage by winning the Lethal Lockdown match at April's Lockdown event. After becoming Director of Wrestling Operations, MVP banned Dixie (along with Bully Ray) from IMPACT. It was a tactical move, as MVP wanted to consolidate and grow his power. First he "indefinitely suspended" Bobby Roode (who is still sitting at home). Then, he attacked Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Title! Then, MVP brought in trusted backups with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley, who helped him unleash a path of destruction.

However, Dixie was still TNA President, and came back to IMPACT to confront MVP about his abuse of power. Surprisingly, she offered him the chance to find middle ground and settle their issues - but MVP wanted none of it. Then, when Dixie's nephew EC3 cost MVP and his alliance the First Blood Match last week and attacked him backstage after the match, Dixie erupted and promised revenge.

Despite his World Title match this Sunday, MVP may realize he's in trouble. Samoa Joe made his return - and despite trying to eliminate the threat of Joe or Austin Aries by putting them in a "Contract vs. Contract" match, both are still a part of the roster. Bully Ray is still hellbent on revenge against MVP, along with World Tag Team Champions The Wolves and World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young. For all the abuse of power from MVP, he may be slowly losing the fight for total control - not winning it.

Which makes Sunday's event in Dallas even more intriguing, as TNA President Dixie Carter realizes this as well. If their Board of Directors were to back her, she could effectively launch an all-out assault on MVP and unseat him from any power. MVP may be walking into Dallas and Slammiversary this Sunday with a World Title shot as the Director of Operations, but now that Dixie has promised payback, who knows how he will leave. No doubt, MVP knows to maintain power he MUST win the World Heavyweight Championship - the biggest bargaining chip in TNA Wrestling. If he fails, so does his empire.

MVP comes to Dallas, Texas - home of the Carter Family - with full control of TNA this week, but come Sunday night in Dallas, we all know who runs Dixieland.