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Single White Female? Brittany and Madison’s “Friendship"

 Unknown-6Like the trailer for the 2011 psychological thriller movie, "The Roomate" says, "when you let someone into your life…how do you know they won't take it?"

When Brittany joined the Knockouts, she admitted she looked up to Madison Rayne & wanted to emulate her took her career. Madison under Britney under her wing and befriended her. Whether Brittany has misinterpreted Madison's kindness, it has become clear over the past several weeks that Brittany's infatuation with Madison Rayne boarders on being obsessive, and now has become creepy. We know it is uncomfortable, but is it dangerous?  

Two weeks ago, when Brittany asked Madison to be her tag team partner for a match with the Beautiful People, Madison declined and told her that Brittany didn't have the experience to successfully compete with the Beautiful People and made Brittany promise that she wouldn't pursue the match.


Whether Brittany actually made the promise or not wasn't clear, but Madison certainly interpreted it that way.  Brittany played on Gail Kim's hatred for Angelina and Velvet and recruited Gail to be her partner. Gail never even got in the ring and Brittany's inexperience against the veteran Knockout tag team proved Madison's advise was correct.

Last week, Brittany offered her assistance to Madison in her rematch with Angelia Love. Madison told Brittany, in no uncertain terms, not to get involved in her match versus Angelina.  This time, Brittany kept her promise, and  idly stood by ringside while Velvet Sky interfered, allowing Angelina to beat Madison.

How do you keep the danger out, when you have already let it in?

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