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A Look At Samoa Joe's Possible Intentions Upon His Return


Upon Samoa Joe’s return audiences had many questions going through their mind such as “where has he been?” or “Why is he so angry?”, but likely the one that is weighing heavy on the minds of viewers is “What are Samoa Joe’s Intentions?”.

Samoa Joe isn’t known for making a subtle comeback …   In 2008 there was a war happening between “The Frontline” and the Main Event Mafia and in the process Joe suffered injuries brought on by the Main Event Mafia that sidelined him until he made a return sporting a new look.   In January 2009 Joe returned a changed person with a message for the Main Event Mafia, He’s a new Joe and he’s going toJoe1 unleash his “Nation of Violence”.  He was a single man looking to inflict as much violence on the people that have wronged him.  Though things weren’t as they seemed as it was revealed later that Joe had been taking orders from the Main Event Mafia all along to fool “The Frontline” and destroy them. 

Later in 2009 at Final Resolution Samoa Joe took part in a Feast or Fired match where he acquired a briefcase with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Though Joe didn’t take the opportunity right away, he opted to wait and strike when the current champion, AJ Styles, did not expect it.  In February 2010 Joe made his return by attacking AJ Styles and made it known that he would be trading in his briefcase for a shot at the title at Against All Odds. 


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