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IMPACT Coverage: Dixie declares WAR! Plus: Samoa Joe speaks out, First Blood Main Event, Magnus brutalizes Willow and ROBBIE FEARS CLOWNS, BRO!

IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James

June 5, 2014

IMPACT WRESTLING opens with a recap of Samoa Joe’s triumphant return last week.   Kenny King, MVP and Bobby Lashley are shown searching for Joe backstage.  Joe enters the IMPACT ZONE and demands the three come to the ring. 

MVP obliges with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley in tow.  The crowd erupts into a loud “Joe! Joe! Joe!” chant.  King grabs the mic to remind Joe that MVP is the Director of Wrestling Operations.  Joe proposes a match for later – himself vs. MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley.  MVP asks Joe if he’s sure that’s what he wants, implying Joe couldn’t survive a handicap match.

Enter Austin Aries! A dismayed MVP books Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries in a Contract vs. Contract match. 

Backstage:  Magnus is with Bram warning him about the danger of underestimating the unpredictable and dangerous Willow.   



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