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Soldiers of Circumstance vs. The United Front: Can MVP Maintain His Power?

Even before MVP turned on Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the June 15 "Slammiversary" epic event, he had already set into motion a plan to take total power in TNA Wrestling. It was a numbers game - and slowly but surely, MVP improved his own odds by eliminating those he considered threats to his plan. His first major goal was achieved at Lockdown when he became Director of Wrestling Operations, taking power from TNA President Dixie Carter in the process (of course, with a little help from Bully Ray, who in hindsight was nothing more than MVP's pawn that night). Had Bully Ray known MVP's true intentions that night, perhaps the outcome of the Lethal Lockdown would have been much different.

After that, MVP wasted little time in building his empire and eliminating perceived threats. He kept Samoa Joe and Austin Aries languishing in a political minefield and even "indefinitely" suspended Bobby Roode. Why? MVP's next goal was to win the World Heavyweight Championship - and he didn't want any of the top contenders to get in his way. Once that was complete, he let the wrestling world in on his plan when he not only attacked Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Title at the upcoming "Slammiversary", but also unleashed his new and seemingly unstoppable alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.

Within a few short months, MVP put himself in a position to take power - in his own words, POWER is never taken by request. POWER is achieved by numbers. In any business, success is all about MONEY, POWER and RESPECT. The BUSINESS of pro wrestling is no different - and MVP now had the numbers in his favor.


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