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The Overlooked Carter…EC3


The battle for respect and power between Dixie Carter and Bully Ray has been ongoing and quite violent.  From Orlando to Nashville and back to Orlando again, this scuffle has covered a lot of ground and certainly has not been fought fairly.  When it involves the President of TNA, most certainly everyone on the roster will be involved, and undoubtedly, this is certainly the case in this situation. 

There have been many key people playing a part in this ongoing battle between The President and Bully Ray.  To say Rockstar Spud has been thoroughly involved would be an understatement.  In the past two weeks and as a byproduct of the Dixie-Bully feud, this unfortunate soul has been smashed through multiple tables.  MVP and his faction of supporters have also gotten in the mix and MVP even had to go as far as to ban both Dixie and Bully from the IMPACT Zone for a couple of weeks. 

But there is one person who appears to be lost in this ongoing scuffle, Dixie Carter’s nephew EC3.  In last week's IMPACT episode, EC3 was not assigned a match again and was essentially tossed to the side as a special referee for the Eric Young vs. Bully Ray main event.  The main players in this continuing fiasco, and rightfully so, have been Dixie and Bully.  But EC3 certainly has played his part.  In fact, he was the one person who physically took out Bully Ray in Dixie Carter’s mansion in Nashville.


One week later, EC3 was even responsible for putting Bully Ray through yet another table! 

How come EC3 doesn’t get more credit for his contribution to the #DixieFearsNobody campaign?  Have we overlooked this Carter right before his high-profile Grudge Match scheduled for Slammiversary?

And in the two weeks before Slammiversary, will EC3 re-establish his dominance in the ring and build momentum leading into the summer showdown?

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