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Can Anyone Stop MVP, Bobby Lashley & Kenny King?

The recent escalation of attacks certainly reflects strategic victory for MVP’s team. No one expected the pure chaos that has come from TNA’s Director of Wrestling Operations, especially his recruiting of Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. TNA, on the other hand, seems powerless to halt the mayhem or to fight Team MVP inside the battlefield of the squared circle.  In a sign of strength, MVP announced on Thursday that they have no intention to pursue talks with TNA officials before continuing to wreak havoc.

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For a brief moment, it seemed as if MVP could permanently destabilize the company.  That was, until Samoa Joe made his triumphant return to join an incredible team of Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries and The Wolves that stood tall as IMPACT went off the air.

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It appears that TNA is the battleground for an all out war. Only time will tell who will reign supreme – but we do know that all parties will be present at IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV and you don’t want to miss what comes next!