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#BringBackBobby: Why The Hell is Bobby Roode Suspended?

One of the acts from MVP that has drawn the most ire from fans and talent alike is the absurd suspension of The IT Factor of Professional Wrestling, Bobby Roode. After exploding on MVP due to an unfair cancellation of his TNA World Heavyweight Championship match with Eric Young, Bobby Roode was sent home. 
MVP has refused to comment officially or clarify the reason for the suspension, other than saying Bobby should cool off for a while and that the suspension was “indefinite”. 
At this time, Bobby Roode has been suspended for an agonizing 25-days. With no end in site, we advise all fans of Roode and TNA Wrestling to begin voicing your unrest with the main in charge. MVP is on Twitter (@The305MVP), as is Bobby Roode (@REALBobbyRoode). Sound off now by tweeting at MVP and use the hashtag #BringBackBobby
If you miss Bobby Roode, don’t stop telling MVP until he’s back!