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Flip Cup

drinking2Remember field day relay races as a kid? Well, Flip Cup is that for adults. Great for playing with big groups to get the competitive juices flowing.

Rules: Teams are divided into equal halves. Most games are played with 4 or 5 to each team, but with this game there is no set number. The more the merrier. Each player much have a half cup of beer in front of them at the start of the game. Once the relay begins, each player must chug their drink and then flip the cup from the edge of the table with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next team member can begin.

Objective: First team to finish is the winner

Notes: Can get pretty competitive. If you are the weakest link on your team, don’t be surprised if a lot of yelling and screaming comes your way. This is serious business. Get yourself together.


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