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Beer Pong

drinking1An oldie, but a goodie. A staple at both college fraternity houses and house parties, it’s rare to go to a rager without a table set up.  It has become so popular amongst partiers, that there is even a World Series of Beer Pong.

Rules: Can be played one-on-one, but is typically played with teams of two. Teams with set up 6 solo cups in the form of a triangle and opposite ends of a long rectangular table. Each solo cups should be about ¼ full with your favorite beer. Using two ping-pong balls, partners will take turns throwing the balls into the cups on the opposite side of the table. At the end of each turn, the opposing team consumes the cups containing a ball.

Objective: To be the first team to clear all of your cups.

Notes: These are just basic rules. Often times, there are extra incentives to “bounce” the ball in or hit the same cup as your partner. These are called house rules and it depends from game to game. It is advised to ask about house rules before starting the game.


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