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So You Think You Can Outdrink James Storm?

When James Storm is put up to a challenge, he never backs down. Especially, when that challenge is one that involves any kind of alcohol. He prides himself in being a hard to the core, shot taking, beer drinking, rough and tumble cowboy that will dominate any contest. Yet, that same attitude is exactly what got him into hot water with Ken Anderson last Thursday on Impact Live. Anderson challenged Storm to a contest to see who could out drink the other. Storm gladly accepted, knowing a win was inevitable, but what he didn’t know was that Anderson was only drinking water. By the end of the night, Storm was extremely intoxicated and Anderson took the opportunity to beat Storm to a pulp.

Inspired by Storm and Anderson’s challenge, TNA staff has put together a list of their favorite drinking games (and they know how to drink). So crack open a beer and try them for yourself. After all, Storm is thirsting for a rematch and you might just be right competitor.


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