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IMPACT Coverage: MVP shocks EY and the Fans | Bully Ray invades TNA Headquarters | Ladder Match for the Tag Team Title | Kurt Angle suffers Torn ACL


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From the bizarre to the betrayal, this was an episode of Impact Wrestling for the history books.  With MVP's stunning double-cross of World Champion Eric Young, Knux's freakish reemergence with his own Menagerie, the amazing Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Titles, and more happening at the Impact Zone, Bully Ray was over at TNA Headquarters stalking Dixie Carter with dark intentions.  From the home office to the squared circle, no one was safe and nothing was sacred.

By James Guttman

- Evening Gown Match: The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany
- EC3 defeated Kurt Angle
- Ladder Match: World Tag Team Champions The Wolves defeated The Bromans
- Bully Ray stormed TNA Headquarters.  Once there, he took over Dixie Carter's office, called a beer-soaked staff meeting, and put Rockstar Spud through a table.  On the way out, he looked up Dixie's home address.
- Willow defeated Magnus via disqualification when Bram attacked
- MVP revealed himself to be the person challenging Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary.  He sealed the deal with a violent sneak attack.


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