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The Mystery of The Menagerie



For weeks, we have followed Knux on his journey home. His reunion with Rebel and his father led to the discovery that a flood had destroyed the carnival that his family owns. Looking for redemption and to support his family, Knux told Rebel that they were coming back to IMPACT… but it wouldn’t be just the two of them. Consisting of Knux, Rebel and two individuals known as the Freak and Crazzy Steve, The Menagerie is on its way to IMPACT this week.



Carnivals offer a truly kooky blend of individuals: clowns, freak shows, strongmen, sideshow performers and wrestlers who travel the country like gypsies, entertaining small towns for a few days before packing up and heading to a new destination.

In fact, carnivals were one of the first homes to professional wrestling. Strongmen who would host sideshows and issue open challenges to anyone in the crowd quickly became a hot ticket, which grew into small stables of carnies who were brave enough to put up their dukes and this is led to professional wrestling exhibitions joining the carnival.



Through his past performance, we know Knux as a tough-as-nails powerhouse who will surely take on all comers. With the beautiful Rebel in his corner, we can assume that the locker room knows that they will have their hands full with Knux’s return. However, who are Crazzy Steve and the Freak? If Rebel’s reaction is an indication of what to expect, it seems like the most volatile members of The Menagerie have yet to be revealed.

While we certainly admire Knux’s desire to help his family, it remains to be seen how this group of Knux, Rebel, Crazzy Steve and the Freak will fair in this environment. One thing’s for sure, we will all be tuning in this Thursday to see what happens when the Menagerie rolls into the IMPACT Zone!