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5 Memorable Table Moments Courtesy of Bully Ray


img 1979

Bobby Roode clearly has it out for Bully Ray.  Roode tricked Bully and lured him into a fake meeting with President Dixie Carter.  “The IT Factor” ambushed Bully, leaving him unconscious on the floor.  Then last week, just as Bully was about to return the #WrathOfDixie on her, Roode attacked Bully in the ring, allowing Dixie to escape. 

Bully is infuriated with Roode’s recent actions and we know what Bully does when he gets angry…He gets the tables!  Last week Bobby Roode issued an open challenge for a tables match to take place tonight on IMPACT…anyone, that is, except Bully Ray.  Who will answer that challenge?  How will Bully react?

In preparation for tonight’s tables match and the Bobby Roode vs. Bully Tables Match at the live Sacrifice Pay-Per-View Event on April 27th, we’ve taken a look back a few of the most memorable Bully Ray table moments.




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