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Since their debut in TNA, the Wolves have been a thorn in the side of the World Tag Team Champions, The Bro Mans.  After exchanging wins in late February, the two teams have been at each other's throats.  That's why MVP was understandably suspicious when Jesse tried to back out of their scheduled title defense by claiming his partner, Robbie, missed his flight to the arena.   To fix this problem, MVP  forced DJ Zema to take the no-show bro's place and complete the team for the night.  The last minute substitution didn't appear to affect the Mans as they held their own against the quick offense of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.  When Davey turned up the offense, though, that's when the real plan came into play.  Out of nowhere, Robbie dashed to the ring and pulled the referee to the floor.  It caused an immediate disqualification and kept the championships in their bronzed grasp.  Boom. 

Video: Tag Team Title: BroMans vs. The Wolves

 In one of the strangest moments of the night, Christy Hemme took the ring and called Samuel Shaw to join her.  When her, uh, "admirer" finally arrived, Hemme seemed to backtrack on weeks of pleas to be left alone.  She started openly flirting with Shaw and eventually talked him into closing his eyes.  When he did, it allowed Mr. Ken Anderson to show up in a white Psychiatric Services van.  Anderson attacked Shaw and attempted to send him on a one way trip to the "funny farm".  Unfortunately for everyone, Sam escaped at the last minute and avoided a forced stay in a padded room...for now.

Video: Christy wants to talk to Samuel Shaw about commitment

By the time our main event go underway, there were more than a few whispers about Eric Young's apparent bicep injury from earlier in the night. The challenger wasn't about to let anything stop him.  You can include Magnus on that list because Eric, long known for his wild and crazy persona, was on a mission to show that he's a serious threat.  The Champion got that message loud and clear as E.Y. absorbed everything that was thrown his way and managed to not only hang in there, but almost take the title on more than few two counts.  Then, after a surprise piledriver, just like in our opening match, it happened.

Eric Young won!!!

Shock lead to jubilation as the crowd became unglued.  After ten years of blood, sweat, and tears, Eric Young has his day in the sun and is the new World Heavyweight Champion.  It's one of the most unexpected endings in Impact history as the show comes to a close!


Video: Eric Young wins the World Heavyweight Championship

Video: Post Match Comments from Eric Young After Winning the World Heavyweight Title


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