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As if there isn't enough tension among the Knockouts Division already, put four of them in the ring with the hope of challenging the champion and watch the sparks fly.  Gail Kim, O.D.B, Angelina Love, and Brittany fought tooth and nail for the glory of being named number one contender.  In the end, it was Velvet Sky who made the difference.  She sprayed a substance into Gail's face and left her easy prey for Love to make the pin.  Angelina is your new number one contender as the Beautiful People take another step towards adding some leather and gold to their look.

Video: Knockouts Match For The #1 Contender

At long last it was time for the Impact return of TNA President Dixie Carter.  Unseen since Lockdown, the Prez had arrived to unleash the "Wrath of Dixie".  On who?  Bully Ray, of course.  After all, he's the bully who's betrayal lead to her departure from the top of the totem pole.  When he arrived, the two engaged in a heated argument and it lead to a moment that left everyone speechless.  Just as Ray leaned in for his classic "do you know who I am" question, Carter slapped the microphone from his hand.

It doesn't end there, though.  After launching a verbal assault on the stunned Bully, she slapped again.  This time it wasn't a slap of his mic.  It was to his face.  It left everyone speechless.

It took a few seconds for Bully Ray to register what had just happened.  When he did, he began to step towards Dixie before being battered from behind by Bobby Roode.  The IT Factor brought a table into the ring at Carter's insistence.  However, when Ray turned the tables, so to speak, Roode bolted.  It left Madam Dixie, the sting of her slap still ringing in her hand, with no choice but to retreat.

Video: Bully Ray feels the #WrathOfDixie 


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