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Our night began with the gauntlet match.  Two men started and every two minutes another competitor arrived.  Wrestlers were eliminated when they were tossed over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor.  The order of entry was:

1. James Storm
2. Gunner
3. Bobby Roode
4.Bully Ray
5. EC3
6. Bobby Lashley
7. Abyss
8. Sanada
9. Eric Young
10. Willow

About halfway through, our World Heavyweight Champion joined Taz and Mike Tenay at the announce table for a first hand view of his potential challengers.  The champ wasn't concerned, though, and expressed confidence that Abyss, who has no interest in becoming champion, would prevail.  He almost did, too.  After the ring was cleared, the monster was left alone his former partner, Eric Young.  It seemed like things were going to end up exactly as the champion had predicted.  Then it happened.

Eric Young won.

Video: Gauntlet Match for a shot at the World Title

The TNA veteran shocked the world by tossing the monster to the floor and the crowd went wild.  That's when E.Y. made another request.  As the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Champion, he wanted to speak to the man in charge.  He wanted to speak to MVP...and he wanted to do it now.

That's not all he wanted now, though.  When MVP swaggered onto the stage, Young told him that he also wanted his title shot now too.  Yup.  Tonight, make it happen.  World Heavyweight Champion Magnus vs. Eric Young.  No more waiting.  What do you say, boss?

Boss says yes.  MVP makes the match and changes some rules for good measure.  First, if Mag gets disqualified, he'll lose the title.  Second, Abyss is banned from ringside.  Third, if anyone else gets involved in the match, they'll be fired on the spot!  Sound good?  Too bad.  suit up, champ.  It's on.

Video: Eric Young doesn't want to wait for his Title Shot


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