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“I’m That Guy” Music Video Featuring TNA Knockout Christy Hemme & TNA Superstar ECIII

IMPACT WRESTLING Superstar EC3 and TNA Knockout Christy Hemme teamed up with Little Engine’s recording artist and Nashville Star Semi-Finalist Sean Patrick McGraw, for his brand new music video. The single “I'm That Guy" is off of Sean Patrick McGraw’s forthcoming album ‘Hard Way to Make an Easy Living". The song, co-written and performed with TNA Knockout Music's own Serg Salinas and Dale Oliver, has been climbing the Music Row charts since it's release nearly a month ago and has become a radio favorite on the airwaves.

The video, produced by Little Engine Records and directed by Adam Chardis, features some of TNA Impact Wrestling's hottest stars and show us just what can happen if you don't mind your manners in a bar and how badly "that girl" is looking for "that guy."


We caught up with Christy Hemme to get her thoughts on working with Sean Patrick McGraw and her experience on set.  

Christy Hemme: “What a great project to work on.  A great song penned by TNA Knockout Music’s Serg Salinas & Dale Oliver. Fun, upbeat country and I am not even a country girl! “I’m That Guy” is still stuck in my head! The video is set in a hole in the wall bar, I am slinging drinks in my daisy dukes and our very own EC3 is THAT GUY! Sean Patrick McGraw is an awesome, down to earth talent. Very excited to see his song soar and that I got to be a part of bringing that song to life visually.”