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Bracing For Impact: From Bros To Men

By James Guttman

By now, most fans have seen the epic "Selfies" music video by our World Tag Team Champions.  The volume was turned way up as Jessie, and Robbie of the Bro-Mans, along with DJ Zema Ion, allowed us a small glimpse into their shiny world. 

Video: The BroMans Selfie Music Video

But it was just that - a glimpse.  What makes up the Bro-Mans is actually much more than just the superficial image they put out.  Those who gloss over their glossy exterior are missing a bigger picture.  They may be easy to write off as bronze club kids without a care in the world, but that's not all there is behind the top team in TNA.  They've actually been silently showing us each week and now are about to prove it.

An ambivalent team doesn't simply rise to the level of World Tag Team Champs through pure luck.  Even if a small bit of luck plays a role in winning the championships, it disappears soon after the title defenses start happening.  Sure Jessie and Robbie might go tanning and partying.  But their "downtime" is spent working on the newest attacks to unleash on their challengers.  We don't have to witness them doing it because we can see it through the results each week.  Their steady improvements and eventual success have been on full display whenever they compete.  That isn't done with just music videos.  That's hard work, dedication, and pure talent.

Still, some remain blinded from the glare of their sunglasses to know that the Bros should be taken seriously.  Some of the reactions to their upcoming World Tag Team Title defense against the Wolves on this Thursday's Impact are a perfect example.   Before the opening bell have even sounds, some are writing them off.  After all, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards defeated the Champions once for their titles.  This should be a Wolf's walk in the park, no?


This is not the same Bromans that the Wolves captured the championships from.  Prior to their match against Edwards and Richards in February, Robbie and Jessie had a pretty smooth run as Tag Team Champions.  Nothing could slow them down and, for two young stars, it went to their heads.  Believing themselves to be invincible, they weren't prepared when Eddie and Davey came hunting for them.  The shocking loss left the fist-bumpers doing face-palms.  It humbled them unlike anything in their careers, and when they won the championships back a week later, they were already a much different team.

In that time, the Bromans grew up.  Realizing that they shouldn't take any opponents - especially the Wolves - lightly again, they refocused.  Sure they continued the hair-gelling and clubbing...on the outside.  Inside, they realized the true danger that lurks when you're the top team in locker room.  It takes three seconds to lose it all on any night.  The reality set in and their true killer instinct emerged.

Now they have a chance to show the world, beat the Wolves, and prove all the haters wrong.  One thing is certain.  This Thursday on Impact, the hunt is definitely on.  The only question is, who's really hunting who, bro?