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Bracing For Impact: The Summoning of Willow

By James Guttman

img 5810Our World Heavyweight Champion Magnus prides himself on driving stars away from TNA.  He not only defeats them, he sends them packing and brags about it to all within earshot.  When he did it to Jeff Hardy in the match where he captured his title, it's all he could talk about for weeks.

But Magnus isn't bragging now.  Since Jeff Hardy's alter ego, Willow, resurfaced, the Champion has done nothing but sit back and watch him attack members of his inner circle with ruthless brutality.  Starting with Rockstar Spud, Willow has begun a systematic barrage of chaos.  The destruction left behind is unlike anything Hardy would have ever done.

The emergence of Willow is more than a mere name-change.  It's the summoning of retribution from a place that Jeff didn't normally go to within himself.  Without rebuilding as his alter-ego, the Charismatic Enigma would never be capable of the pain he's inflicted. Those things - as violent as they are - are things that he feels needs to be done to those who deserve it.  Only Willow can accomplish that.

This past week on Impact, Ethan Carter III was his latest target and narrowly managed to save his legs from being crushed by the Catastrophic Enigma.  Seeing his knee wrapped in a steel chair while the avenging masked man climbed a ladder, EC3 saw the writing on the proverbial wall.  It was time to pay for his crimes against those he and his family have done wrong.  Even if he escaped this time, there would be another time on another day when Willow would fly down.  On that day, justice would be served.

Justice is coming.  Make no mistake.  Ethan Carter's "response" to Willow on this week's Impact will be an example of futility as far as the high-flying attacker is concerned.  It's really a response to a response.  Willow can't be responded to.  Willow is the response.  He's Jeff Hardy's response to all that's been wrong in TNA.  He's never going to stop coming for those who have done him wrong.  All the pointed talking in the world won't change that.  They'll simply be added chapters to a story that Hardy's already written in his head - one that ends with Dixie Land's royal class falling one snapped leg at a time.

Willow's here to make a statement and, as he goes one by one through each of member of the World Champion's wall of defense, his sights are firmly set on the highest level.  As of now, he's been on a roll and nothing appears able to stop him as he mows through the competition.  Soon enough, it'll be Magnus.  For now it's EC3.  Names don't matter though.  They'll all fall. To Willow, it's the path he's determined to travel.

Then again, if it was all that easy, Jeff Hardy wouldn't have had to summon Willow in the first place, would he?  

Video: Willow attacks Ethan Carter on IMPACT

Video: Ethan Carter sends a warning to Willow

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