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A Beautiful Return: 5 Questions with Angelina Love

TNA Knockout Angelina Love shocked the wrestling world by returning to IMPACT WRESTLING this past Thursday on Spike TV.   Her goal was to call out one person to the ring – her former partner Velvet Sky and reunite the Beautiful People alliance. 


Velvet Sky has asked for some time and she will give her answer to Angelina this Thursday on Spike TV

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In the meantime, has spoken with Angelina Love and conducted the following interview.


Welcome back Angelina Love! You have had quite the history in TNA, what was that first moment like when you returned Thursday? 

Angelina Love

Thank you so much! It was magical, it felt so great to be back in front of the fans in an Impact Wrestling ring! This is my life, this is what I do and I felt right at home.


You developed a "reputation" in the past - which Angelina will we see?  Good Angelina or Bad Angelina?

Angelina Love

Well it's good being bad isn't it?! Lol! You can believe the rumors out there if you want.  But this time around, you will be seeing a smarter, wiser and more BEAUTIFUL Angelina.

I got to explore some of my other passions; competing in two fitness competitions and filmed a TV show called “Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds”. I really had time to relax and open up my spirit and take better note of what is beautiful & important in life. My growth has been outstanding and my eyes view the world much differently now.



What was it like to be standing in the ring with your former partner in the Beautiful People… Velvet Sky again?

Angelina Love

It was amazing of course! We share a bond closer then sisters; no matter how much time & space come in between can separate that.

The Beautiful People is a part of myself & Velvet together, always has been, always will be. She has done amazing on her own since my departure and I’m so proud of her.  I feel that so much time has gone by and if we were able to put the Beautiful People back together… it would start a new era in the Knockouts Division… a beautiful one! 

The Beautiful People changed not only TNA but women’s wrestling when we debuted.  Look at the number of copycats that popped up when we were on top.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  In 2014, I look at who is out there… and there isn’t anyone who can touch what Velvet and I can do together. 

I just hope Velvet makes the right decision this Thursday!


Well I know that I speak for everyone when I say that whether we love you or love to hate you, we are happy to see you back because you add so much to the division. Any final words for your loyal Angelina Love fans?

Angelina Love

I think we should just stick with love ;-)  I felt every bit of the strength behind the fan's love & support and I will forever be appreciative! Thank you! IM BACK BABY!!!