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Bracing For Impact: A Beautiful Idea

By James Guttman

On Thursday's Impact, it was hard to not feel sorry for Velvet Sky and the dilemma she faced.  After an eternity with boyfriend-turned-monster Chris Sabin, Sky was finally getting to branch out on her own.  She was having a chance to be herself as she did what she loved.

Then, suddenly Love returned with another idea.  Angelina Love, Velvet's former Beautiful People partner, wanted to "get the girl band back together."  She invited her and publicly offered the initiation.  Everyone cheered.  The two hugged and Velvet...asked for a week to think it over.


As we all await her decision on this week's Impact, Velvet has a responsibility to herself.  It's not about the desires of Angelina or even the fans.  The response should solely be based on what Sky thinks is best for her own career.  She's earned it by now.  But there are a few things to consider before her moment of truth. 

As a viable competitor in TNA, Velvet has shown that The Beautiful People hasn't defined who she is.  Within the Knockouts Division, she's more than held her own to become more than just a beautiful person.  She's grown into an amazing competitor, who happens to be beautiful. 

For many stars in any entertainment genre, closing one door means moving on to the next.  Bands don't always reunite and, even though fans cry for one more show, the memories are all that remains.  It's not a decision we can judge.  For some, it's the way they choose to grow as artists and performers.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's the flip side.  It's the Beautiful People - without a doubt, one of TNA's most memorable groups.  Any wrestler, whether Knockout or not, would be thrilled to have such an exclusive team on their resume.  Since the day the team came to an end, there have been countless fans hoping to see it rise again.

Creative growth and artsy expression aside, at the end of the day, is turning down an offer to set the wrestling world on fire such a good idea?  Isn't that the reason everyone's here to begin with?  If you don't excite the fans, then you can hold all the titles you want.  People are just going to remember you as "that boring person with all the titles."  Congrats.

There's no reason Velvet can't bring her new skills and current momentum with her.  No one is saying she has to regress as a wrestler.  The return of the Beautiful People would showcase it even more.  In many ways, it seems like the best idea.

Then again, that's the fan in all of us speaking out.  Velvet has to do what she feels is right.  If she turns it down, hopefully Anglina Love will be as understanding as the fans.  But, if Sky agrees, then the long-awaited return of  The Beautiful People can finally take place.  Well, except for Madison Rayne.  Then again, two out of three wouldn't be bad. 

For now.