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Video and Interview: Meet Brittany – TNA Wrestling’s Newest Knockout

On Thursday's IMPACT, a special video aired spotlighting Brittany and her arrival in the Knockouts Division - watch the video now on YouTube



TNA Wrestling is happy to announce the official signing of our newest TNA Knockout - Brittany! The newcomer will make her TNA debut LIVE on Thursday's IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV! Follow Brittany on Twitter @BrittanyTNA

brittany2Welcome to the Knockouts Brittany, we are so excited to get you in the mix!! Tell us about your wrestling history...

My friends and family would describe me as a down to earth, girl next door, happy, hard working lover of life! Being a second generation wrestler, I pretty much grew up in this business. My father was a professional wrestler on the independent scene and ran a wrestling promotion out of Ocala, FL and later in St Louis, MO.  My actual training began in St Louis in 2009. After a few short months and the completion of my college education, I made the move back to "The Sunshine State”, and now I am SO excited that I get to make my IMPACT Wrestling debut right here in Florida!

What is life like for you outside of the ring?

Life outside of the ring is just as great as inside. I have never been healthier, never felt stronger! I am surrounded by so many people who love and support me. I have worked in Sleep Medicine caring for patients who have sleep related breathing disorders. When I am not wrestling, a good amount of my time goes to my family. I have 2 sisters, and five little brothers. I also spend a lot of time training, sewing, and hanging out with my rescue dog, Charlie :) 

What makes you perfect for the Knockouts Division?

The Knockouts Division is the absolute best women's wrestling division in the world, and that's what I strive for. It’s not about just their beauty but how well they fight.  I've put in the time and effort whether in the gym or training in the ring, and I am determined to be the best. I truly believe this is my time to prove it to the world that this is exactly where I am supposed to be and this is exactly what I was meant to do! 

Is there anyone in the division that you look up to and admire? 

One Knockout that I really look up to is Madison Rayne. Look at her history… it says everything about her.  We share a lot in common on our career path and now I get to follow in her footsteps.  I hope to prove myself the same way she did. 

You beat out many girls to earn this coveted spot, congratulations, what does the future look like for Brittany?

Thank you! I've worked hard to get to this moment….  I’m thankful someone finally gave me a chance.  This is a huge opportunity and my journey starts this Thursday.  I am very eager to step into the ring on Impact, to travel the world, be a part of division of women respected in the industry and be able to show what I’m really made of.   For all of you who have followed me to this point, you have only seen the first chapter of my story… the pages are going to start turning very fast!