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Lockdown Coverage: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe, Lethal Lockdown, Bobby Lashley returns, Willow debuts, Abyss shocks everyone

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On Sunday night in Miami, TNA Wrestling presented "Lockdown" featuring every match inside a Steel Cage! If you missed the epic event, you can still watch the replay all month long on your Pay-Per-View provider! Don't miss the fallout from Lockdown on Thursdays IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c!

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- Steel Cage: The Great Muta, X Divison Champion Sanada and Yasu def. Bad Influence and Chris Sabin
- Escape Rules: Samuel Shaw def. Mr. Anderson
- Bobby Lashley returned to answer Ethan Carter's Open Challenge
- Steel Cage: Tigre Uno def. Manik
- Last man Standing: Gunner def. "Cowboy" James Storm
- Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne def. Gail Kimn
- World Heavyweight Title: Magnus def. Samoa Joe
- Lethal Lockdown: Team MVP def. Team Dixie

- Steel Cage: The Great Muta, new X Division Champion Sanada and Yasu defeated Bad Influence and Chris Sabin! In an amazing international, high-flying X Division style match featuring the legendary Great Muta in action (along with his trademark green mist!), it was Muta along with his Wrestle-1 proteges Sanada and Yasu getting the win after Muta sprayed Kaz with his green mist, then they turned to Daniels as Sanada hit a stunner, then a Muta shining wizard, followed by a moonsault by Sanada on Christopher Daniels for the win!

- Rockstar Spud introduced TNA President Dixie Carter, who announced she has traveled to New York to secure insurance for Lethal Lockdown that she would use if needed! Carter also announced that if Jeff Hardy tried to enter the arena he would be thrown out - obviously a huge blow to Team MVP's chances!

- Steel Cage - Escape Rules: Samuel Shaw came out to the ring, but got angry when he didn't see Christy Hemme! Shaw climbed to the top of the cage and demanded to know where Christy was - but Mr. Anderson's entrance stopped him from continuing. After the match begun, Christy emerged and came to the ringside area to cheer on Anderson. It was a back-and-forth match between Anderson and Shaw, with both stars hitting big moves from the top. During the bout, referee Early Hebner got knocked out and sent to the outside, which allowed Anderson to render Shaw unconscious after smashing his head into the cage turnbuckle. With Christy celebrating, Anderson climbed over the top and escaped to win - but as he was doing so, Shaw grabbed Christy's arm from inside the cage and dragged her into the ring! Shaw menaced Christy inside, but Anderson got the key and went back in to save Hemme. As Christy escaped, Shaw hit his finisher on Anderson and left him unconscious in the cage! As referee Earl Hebner came to, he saw Shaw leaving the ring and awarded him the win over Anderson!

- After the Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle match was cancelled due to EC3 injuring Angle on IMPACT, Carter came out to discuss what happened and issued an Open Challenge - which was answered in a huge surprise by BOBBY LASHLEY!!! As Lashley came out, EC3 yelled that he wasn't on the roster and didn't have a TNA deal, but Lashley didn't care! Lashley hit the ring, heard enough of EC3's mouth, hit him with a running powerslam followed by a devastating spear! A battered EC3 retreated to the outside and quickly left the arena while Lashley celebrated with fans at ringside!

Video: Bobby Lashley comments on his return at Lockdown

- In an amazing high-flying X Division match inside the Steel Cage, luchadore newcomer Tigre Uno faced Manik! Both superstars hit each other with high-impact moves, as Tigre more than proved he could go all-out with the former multi-time X Division! Manik hit a sitdown powerbomb, but couldn't get the pin on Tigre. Manik then went for a kick, but Uno blocked it and got the upper-hand on Manik! Tigre Uno was able to hit his twisting corkscrew finisher known as the "Sabretooth" for Manik for the pin and win in his TNA debut at Lockdown!

- Last Man Standing: Gunner vs. James Storm - the brawl was on from the start, as both superstars fought at ringside before entering the cage. Once inside, Storm tried to choke Gunner out with a turnbuckle rope. Gunner battled back, but was stopped when he came off the turnbuckle and Storm nailed him with a steel chair! Storm tried to power bomb Gunner through two chairs, but Gunner fought back and blocked it. Both superstars battled towards the top of the cage, where they bashed each other into the steel! Gunner gained the advantage with a series of heabutts, then hit a huge superplex on Storm through the chairs below! Gunner beat the 10-count by the referee to win the Last Man Standing bout!

- Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim - The champion and challenger went back-and-forth early on, trading moves to try and wear the other down. Gail tried to get Lei'd Tapa involved, but Madison found a way to counter her attempts to interfere! The Knockouts later battled to the top rope, as Kim nailed a neckbreaker on Madison, but she still couldn't get the win. Back on the top rope, Gail tried to set up Madison with her finisher, but Madison broke free and sent Kim down to the mat! Rayne then kicked Tapa off the cage and nailed a spear from the top on Gail to get the pin to retain the championship!

- World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe - It was all-out war between champion and challenger from the start as they traded chops and punches to batter each other. Joe busted open Magnus head early, and Joe went for more blood! Magnus returned the favor by sending Joe face-first into the cage and opened him up as well. Later, Joe hit his Musclebuster on Magnus and went for his clutch submission for the win…but a hand emerged from under the ring through the mat and latched onto Joe, pulling him into the hole! Moments later, Joe emerged ion shock - followed by ABYSS with his barbed-wire bat! Abyss smashed Joe with the weapon and annihilated him with a Black Hole Slam, allowing Magnus to get the advantage! Magnus put Joe in a rear-naked choke, and the referee awarded Magnus the submission win! With Joe out in the ring, Abyss joined Magnus in celebrating at the top of the entrance, but moments later Eric Young confronted Abyss in the back about what he did!

- In the Lethal Lockdown match, Team MVP battled Team Dixie for control of wrestling operations! MVP and Austin Aries started, followed by The Wolves and BroMans and Bobby Roode! But, it wasn't Jeff Hardy that showed up for Team MVP, but the bizarre Willow making his TNA debut! In turn, Dixie Carter revealed her "insurance" in the match as Bully Ray! Once both teams entered the ring, the cage top lowered and the chaotic Lethal Lockdown match began! Later, Roode went to set up MVP with a power bomb through a table, but shockingly, Bully Ray blocked it! Roode got in Bully's face - and Bully slammed Roode instead! Bully Ray has double-crossed Dixie Carter! With the crowd in shock, MVP nailed a Yakuza Kick on Roode for the pin and win for Team MVP as MVP assumed control of wrestling operations in TNA from Dixie Carter! Carter was FURIOUS with Bully Ray after the match, shouting at him from ringside as Rockstar Spud tried to restrain her! After the match, Team MVP celebrated as Bully Ray slammed Roode through another table!

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