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When Gunner shows up to address the crowd next, James Storm follows him to the ring to escalate their war of words.  Crossing lines and burning bridges, Storm holds nothing back in his verbal assaults lately.  In response, Gun challenges him to make their Lockdown beatdown a "Last Man Standing Match".  The mere challenge is enough to annoy the Cowboy.  He agrees to the fight and seals it with a knee to the groin.  When the Modern Day Viking drops to one knee in pain, his former partner symbolically slaps him across the face with a stiff superkick.

Video: Last Man Standing - Gunner vs. Storm: Sunday at Lockdown

The importance of Team Dixie vs. Team MVP at Lethal Lockdown isn't lost on Davey Richards.  The Wolves member chooses to throw caution to the wind and step into the ring to finish the first match of the night despite his obvious shoulder injury.  Davey risks life and limb to return for a fight with the fully healthy Bobby Roode.  The attempt is admirable but the decision is questionable.  Bobby shows no reluctance in taking advantage of Davey's injury and never lets up.  By the time Roode locked in his crossface, no one could blame RIchards for tapping out.  A lesser man would have done it earlier.

Video: Can Davey Richards battle through injury to get the advantage for Team MVP?

In our final moments of the night, Samoa Joe manned the ring and invited World Heavyweight Champion Magnus to join him.  When the champ arrives, the two share some candid thoughts on one another.  Mag claims that his success turns Joe's stomach with jealousy.  He calls his challenger a rageaholic who's blown numerous chances at championship glory.  That same fury will burn the Samoa Submission Machine once again when he loses at Lockdown.  Dixie Carter's British Blue Chipper guarantees it.

Samoa Joe surprises everyone by agreeing about the rage issue.  In fact, at Lockdown, the rage is what will cause him to either knock or choke Magnus out.  When he does, he'll drink his pain, shed his blood, and ensure that he doens't walk out as TNA Champion.

"You won't walk out at all."

The Brit responds with a cheap shot headbutt and the fight is on.  Magnus's momentum doesn't last long at all.  It's mere moments before Sunday's challenger locks on his rear naked choke and sends the champion into a tapping frenzy.  Just days before he challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship, Samoa Joe has made the reigning titleholder tap out as Impact comes to a close!

Video: The final confrontation between Samoa Joe and Magnus before Lockdown


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