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Mr. Anderson showed up to play ring announcer for Samuel Shaw's next encounter against Eric Young and ended up more involved than he expected.  After the battle spilled to the outside, Shaw suddenly pounced on Ken and put him to sleep with his side chokehold (that he swears isn't a chokehold).  After the assault, the Creepy Cassanova vows to "claim what's rightfully mine".  From the announce table, Mike Tenay and Taz urge Christy Hemme, the object of his affections, to run for the hills.  They're right.  That Samuel  Shaw just ain't right. 

Video: Eric Young vs. Samuel Shaw

He's a Carter and the world needs him.  Ethan Carter III us literally jumping up and down with excitement over his upcoming  cage match with Kurt Angle at Lockdown as he comes to the ring next.  EC3 threatens to tear apart each muscle in Angle's leg one-by-one and becomes giddy over the mere thought of it.  When he claims to become "The American Icon", that's too much for Kurt to hear from the dressing room.  The real American Icon appears and chases the Chosen Nephew from the ring.  Seeming to have proven his point, the Gold Medalist smiles to his fans and leaves the ring...

Where he's violently attacked by Ethan Carter, who's laying in wait.  With the same demented look on his face from last week, Carter locks in his bone-cracking leg lock and refuses to let go.  When he does, Angle is left writhing in pain and Ethan claims to have "heard something pop."  If the Olympian was at 100% for his Lethal Lockdown bout before, it appears he's not anymore.

Video: Kurt Angle injured by Ethan Carter during IMPACT


When the Knockouts laced up for the following six-woman encounter, everyone was talking about the intimidating team of Lei'd Tapa, Alpha Female, and Gail Kim.  But it ended up being Velvet Sky who  was in full-scale beast mode.  She rallied her team over the evil trio and even sent Chris Sabin flying from the ring after he interjected himself.  When Alpha attacked her from behind, everyone braced themselves for Velvet's vanquishing.  That didn't happen.  The Beautiful Person scored a decisive pin on the Fallen Female in a truly impressive performance. 

Video: Gail Kim, Lei'D Tapa and Alpha Female vs. Madison, Velvet and ODB

We get another glimpse of the mysterious Willow.  He's coming to TNA and unlike anything we've ever seen before.

Video: Willow is coming...

Since his attack on Mr. Anderson, Samuel Shaw has been stalking the backstage area for a private moment with Christy Hemme.  When he finally comes to what he believes to be his final Christy destination, he's greeted with Ken Anderson instead.  Anderson pounces and, after leaving him in heap, insists that Shaw leave Hemme alone.  Mr. A walks off and must believe he accomplished his goal.  However, the crazy laughter from Samuel and promise to see them both again on Sunday seems to imply that won't be happening anytime soon.    It needs to be said again.  That Samuel Shaw just ain't right.  Lethal Lockdown might end up being a very bad night for some good people.

Video: Samuel Shaw finds a redhead - but it's not Christy!



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