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Impact opens with Bobby Roode and the Bromans walking to the ring.  Team Dixie is prepared for Lockdown and all the spoils it will bring them.  But before Roode can speak too deeply about all his hopes for Sunday's pay-per-view, he's interrupted by the fourth member of his quartet - Austin Aries.

Right from the start, A Double isn't playing nice with his new friends.  He refuses to answer to Bobby and demands 5% stake in TNA if the team wins. Hearing this, Robbie  and Jesse demand some bromantic equity too.  It leads to uncleanness until MVP and the Wolves suddenly show up with an announcement of their own - their final member.

Before MVP can reveal the last partner of his team, Dixie Carter appears and tries to silence her unsilent partner.  It doesn't work, though.  When the investor names  the returning Jeff Hardy as his teammate to a chorus of cheers, Carter balks at the idea and she doesn't mince words.

"Over my dead body."

Video: MVP reveals the final member of his Lethal Lockdown team

All of this drama gets under Bobby Roode's skin and he immediately confronts MVP.  Some words are exchanged.  Those words lead to punches.  Those punches lead to our main event...first.

If this match was any indication, the addition of a cage on Sunday will result in some extreme brutality.  Each team showed contempt for the other and nothing was left on the mat.  Bobby Roode scored an early psychological advantage by taking out MVP and it played out from there.  Despite a spectacular performance by Davey Richards against Roode and Aries as the final three, their devious nature overcame.  Austin took an intentional disqualification by attacking Richards with a chair.  Although he was gone, the damage appeared to be done.  The Wolf  was wounded and the match was stopped - for the moment .  In the interest of fairness, Davey was given one hour to recover...or forfeit the bout.

Video: Elimination Match for Lethal Lockdown advantage



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