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Bracing For Impact: Storm's Window


By James Guttman

For as long as most TNA fans can remember, James Storm has always had his head screwed on straight.  Sure, he'd fill it with beer and throw down on a moment's notice, but he always seemed to "get it."  James knew that the easiest way to accomplish your goals is to focus on them and not begrudge others of their success.  That just how the Cowboy rolled.

In doing so, he made the dreams of numerous tag team partners come true as well.  Before Gunner, there were men like Bobby Roode who stood alongside the ornery Texan and joined him in tag glory.  They knew that James would keep his nose to the proverbial grindstone without missing a step.  His achievements could be their achievements too.

Well, that last part was true until his achievements started to become solo achievements.  That's when those men, like Bobby Roode, would turn their back on him violently.  Shards of broken beer bottle glass became their resignation letters.  It was all so tragic and made you wonder if poor James Storm could ever find a partner with his same loyal dedication.

Then he did.  Gunner is a man of principles and values.  With his decorated military background and all-cards-on-the-table attitude, Mr. Intensity isn't one for betrayal.  When he first won the Feast or Fired briefcase for a World Heavyweight Championship match by stepping on Storm's neck to climb the pole, many assumed the worst.  Surely, that was the moment that we'd learn that he was just like Bobby Roode.  He'd turn his back on his partner as well.

But we didn't learn that he was just like Bobby Roode.  In fact, we learned the opposite.  We learned that he was just like James Storm - or at least how we believed James Storm to be.  For once, the Cowboy had a partner who epitimized the values that he held.  Even when confronting Gunner over the way he won the case, Storm was granted a shot to fight him for it again.  That says alot about the Modern Day Viking's approach to success.  It was like Storm was peering through a window into his own soul.  He finally had the chance to team with someone who shared all the integrity he preached about for years.

He hated it.

That's right.  No longer the victim, Cowboy James Storm finally could see what it was like to have a partner who went for what he wanted without worrying about what anyone else was doing,  He saw the carefree approach that the massively talented star took and how easy success was for him.  Like his own partners before him, James finally felt the frustration of having to cheer on someone else as they accomplished his own dreams.

That's why he kicked Gunner in the face to finish his World Heavyweight Championship match against Magnus on last week's Impact.  And that's why the Viking is vowing to rip him limb from limb the moment he sees him - possibly on this week's Impact.  

Video: Storm costs Gunner his shot at the World Title

While the dissolution of this union might make the new World Tag Team Champions The Wolves sleep easier at night, it certainly won't help Storm get any rest.  He remembers how hard he came for his own partners in the past who turned their backs on him.  Now it's his turn.  Gunner turned out to be the James Storm we all believed James Storm really was.

And Storm turned out to be the one who was just like Bobby Roode.

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