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IMPACT: Storm costs Gunner his chance at making history, MVP's Lethal Lockdown challenge, Bobby Roode's future and more


Check out coverage from Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV as the road to the Match 9 "Lockdown" Pay-Per-View event continues!

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- Magnus and Dixie Carter accepted MVP's Letha Lockdown challenge
- Samoa Joe defeated The BroMans in a Handicap Match
- Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne in a Knockouts Street Fight
- Bobby Roode agreed to captain Team Dixie in Lethal Lockdown
- The Wolves defeated Bad Influence in Tag Team action
- World Title Main Event: Magnus defeated Gunner after James Storm costs Gunner the match

- To start the broadcast, World Heavyweight Champion Magnus and TNA President Dixie Carter accepted MVP's Lethal Lockdown challenge! However, when Magnus mouthed off to MVP, the new investor took matters into his own hands and went after Magnus - but Ethan Carter jumped in to join the fight. While The Wolves were held backstage by security courtesy of Rockstar Spud, Gunner finally hit the ring to help even the odds against Magnus and EC3!

Video: Dixie and Magnus accept MVP's Lethal Lockdown Challenge

- To prepare for his World Title match at Lockdown, Samoa Joe came out to issue an open challenge, which was answered by The BroMans and Zema Ion! Joe welcomed the fight and took on all three members at once in a handicap match, ultimately forcing Zema Ion to tap out to the his Clutch finisher!

Video: Handicap Match: Samoa Joe vs. The BroMans

- In his backstage office, MVP offered Austin Aries a spot on his Lethal Lockdown team - before leaving, Aries responded that he would let MVP know when he's made his decision

- In a wild and chaotic Knockouts Street Fight, Gail Kim got the win over reigning Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, thanks in part to constant interference by the juggernaut Lei'D Tapa!

Video: Knockouts Street Fight: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

- Bobby Roode came out to address his future, and told the wrestling world that he was leaving TNA Wrestling! After this announcement, TNA President Dixie Carter came out to try and change Roode's mind! Carter said that Roode had a contract with TNA and that he wasn't going anywhere - and that she needed him to stay! In fact, Carter offered Roode the opportunity to captain her team in Lethal Lockdown - and if Roode can deliver victory, he will get 10% of TNA Wrestling!

Video: What is Bobby Roode's future with TNA Wrestling?

- Backstage, Samuel Shaw saw Mr. Anderson talking to Christy Hemme and went berserk! While Shaw brawled with Anderson, he accidentally hit Christy and knocked her into a wall, leaving her unconscious! Later, Shaw was with Christy when she woke up, but he chased the cameraman away.

Video: Samuel Shaw sees Mr. Anderson talking to Christy

- In tag team action, The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) defeated Bad Influence  after Richards and Edwards hit double foot stomps off the top rope on Christopher Daniels to get the pin and the win!

Video: The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

- The wrestling world witnessed more bizarre footage of Willow….he's coming soon to TNA!

Video: Willow is coming....

- In the World Title main event, Magnus successful retained the championship against Gunner when James Storm turned on Gunner and cost him his chance to win the gold! Magnus threw everything he could at Gunner during the bout, even with Rockstar Spud, The BroMans and EC3 trying to help him! However, after James Storm came out to seemingly even the odds and neutralize Spud and cheer on Gunner, he hit a Last Call superkick on his former tag team partner as he came off the top rope, allowing Magnus to get the easy win to retain the gold! After Magnus pinned Gunner, Storm stood nearby and stared a hole through his former friend. Will Storm have hell to pay next week at the hands of Gunner?

Video: World Title Match: Magnus vs. Gunner