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MVP Puts Ticking Clock On His #LockdownMiami Offer To Dixie Carter

Since coming to Impact Wrestling as the new investor, MVP has promised to make significant changes.  This started immediately when he announced that Jeff Hardy would be returning at Lockdown. Link: MVP announces Jeff Hardy is returning

Dixie Carter has not been quiet in her dealings with this issue and answered back by announcing every match at Lockdown taking place inside the steel cage. Link: Dixie makes her own Lockdown announcement

The games of one-upping continued on Impact Wrestling from Manchester with Dixie and MVP making matches that benefited each side’s agendas. Dixie, fed up, had her lawyers draw up buyout papers for MVP to end this situation now.  MVP refused the offer and instead offered a counter – a Lethal Lockdown match for total control of wrestling operations in TNA Wrestling. Video: Will Dixie Carter accept MVP's Lethal Lockdown challenge?

On Friday, MVP sent out the following tweet putting a ticking clock on this offer….

Dixie Carter has until Impact on Spike this coming Thursday to answer.  What will Dixie’s answer be? 

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