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Bracing For IMPACT: Hungry Like The Wolves


By James Guttman

We're just days away from the biggest Impact of Sting's career.  As the Icon locks up with World Heavyweight Champion Magnus at Genesis Week Two, he has two possible outcomes.  The first is that he wins and once again captures the glory atop the TNA ladder.  The other is that he loses and the retaining Champion tears his contract to shreds. 

Video: Career vs. World Title this Thursday at Genesis

The arrogance of the champion in issuing this challenge is astounding.  Sting was no threat to his championship.  After losing a contest that essentially removed him from any future title matches, the Stinger was a sitting duck.  Even if he remained in the company for years, the chances he would take away Mag's gold was nearly zero.  He could never challenge for it again.  That was set in stone.

But that's not good enough for Dixie Carter's hand-picked champion.  He wants to send Sting away into the darkness like Jeff Hardy before him and A.J. Styles before that.  For Magnus, the needless risk of losing his World Championship is worth the glory that comes with taking one of TNA's greatest stars out for good.  It gives him one less headache to deal with.

That's where the flawed logic of Magnus (and the entire Carter regime behind him) begins to unravel.

Let's say he's successful and the Stinger is forced to retire from TNA.  Great.  Congratulations.  You've gotten rid of one of Dixie's biggest problems and dwindled down the company roster by one.  That subtraction means there's one less threat to your precious World Championship, right?  Wrong.

All the loss of someone like A.J. Styles or Jeff Hardy does is leave a golden spot open for a hungry young star to wage an even greater war against Team Dixie.  It doesn't decrease the resistance by one.  It just balances it out.  In fact, the loss of some stars leave holes so large that they could open up the flood gates to a slew of new championship challengers.  Even in victory, Magnus would be setting himself up for the opposite result of what he's trying to accomplish.  He's not eliminating challenges.  He's creating the opportunities for even more. 

Up until now, the champ didn't have to worry too much about that.  His boss had sole control over who would and wouldn't get hired within TNA.  However, all of that seemed to change last Thursday when Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, The Wolves, arrived at Impact.  Easily the hottest free agents in tag team wrestling, The Wolves' arrival was met with happiness by Dixie at first…until she heard that a new "investor" in the company had already given them contracts.  In that one moment, the sky came crashing down in Dixie Land.

Video: The Wolves sign with TNA Wrestling

Entrance into TNA no longer rises and sets by Dixie Carter.  To newcomers like Richards and Edwards, the initial intimidation that Madam President thrives on before signing a new star is gone.  They're here without her blessing and her threats won't ring as powerful when she eventually makes them.   Realizing that her slash-and-burn approach to dealing with detractors created opportunities for even more potential detractors had to hit the TNA President like a ton of bricks.  

It's no longer about shoving people out the door in order to protect the World Heavyweight Championship.  Without having any control or knowledge over who could be filling those vacant spots, Team Dixie needs a whole new strategy.  Their attempt to eliminate those who stand against them seems to be doing nothing more than turning a small angry group into a giant hungry army. 

So on Genesis Week Two, Magnus has two possible outcomes.  Either he loses the World Heavyweight Championship to Sting or he ends the Icon's career and remains the World Heavyweight Champion.  For now, at least.

But who knows what tomorrow might bring?

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