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Bracing For Impact: The Importance of Genesis


By James Guttman

We all have different reasons for accomplishing our goals. Wrestlers are the same way.  For some, the decision to first enter a wrestling ring was to impress their family and friends.  For others, it's money and fame.  Still others do it to quench the sadistic desire to cause pain to others.  The possibilities go on and on but one thing is clear, there are very few common denominators between the men and women in this business.  They all march to the beats of their own drummers and rarely share the same desires.  Well, except for oneā€¦

They all want to be remembered.

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Unfortunately, that has always been easier said than done.  It's usually a guessing game of timing.  When is the right moment to strike?  You can be the most exciting new star in the business, but if you can't work your way into the right position on the card, you're left patting yourself on the back with nothing else to show. Rarely does the president of a company stand up in front of the world and say that they're looking for a new beginning.

That's why this week is a rarity.  With TNA Genesis coming at you live on Thursday night's Impact, TNA President Dixie Carter has made things clear.  It's a new beginning.  No more guessing.  The time is now and the wrestlers who all have hoped for some undivided attention are about to get it.  The future of Impact will finally get to prove that they're, well, the future of Impact.

For someone like Ethan Carter III, Genesis is like winning the lottery (as if that would make much of a difference to his bank account anyway).  EC3 is already the pride and joy of his Auntie D.  With the President of the company sharing his Thanksgiving dinners, Ethan seemed to be a lock for eventual stardom.  His winning streak has made him a wrestler to be applauded.  His assistance at ringside has made him a cutthroat antagonist to be feared by our heroes.  His match at Genesis, though, could make him the breakout star of 2014.

Think about it.  The hand-picked Golden child of Dixie Carter is not just competing at Genesis, an event heralded as the start of TNA's future.  He's taking on Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Sting.  A one-on-one victory over the Stinger would normally be amazing.  Getting it done at the showcase of the future would be epic.   Of course, Ethan's ego would grow three times its size, but, let's be honest, it would have a right to.

For someone like Kurt Angle, the event almost has an opposite effect.  Angle is working against the grain by trying to show all the hungry young stars of TNA that he's still the shining example they should aspire to be.  With Dixie making public statements about Impact's future and the stars she expects to step up at Genesis, Angle seems to be the odd man out.  Going on a redemption tour that rides straight through an Impact meant to showcase new talent is a gutsy move.  The thought of Kurt overcoming the long-time thorn in his side Bobby Roode in a cage seems to fly in the face of all Genesis is supposed to be.  Anyone who knows the Olympic Gold Medalist knows that he wouldn't want it any other way.

It goes back to the common goal of every star.  You can love them.  You can hate them.  But they want you to remember them.  With the TNA Impact Genesis Special promising that opportunity for those willing to step up, the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter.  The ladder is there for the climbing.  You just have to make it to the top.

Of course, once you get there, Magnus could always just kick you back down again.  But that's a column for another day.