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IMPACT Coverage: A SHOCKER from Jeff Hardy! Plus - Monster's Ball, Storm vs. Gunner and more - PAGE 4

When our main event was ready to begin, Sting and Jeff Hardy were the first two to be introduced.  Then, their opponents, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud, hit the ring.  Instead of an opening bell though, we get the TNA President Dixie Carter on the big screen to deliver on her delayed announcement from the start of Impact:

"I am now ready to tell everybody what I have been waiting to tell them all night long and that is, next week on Impact, we are going to have a coronation for my new World Heavyweight Champion Magnus."

That will be next week.  But this week, we have the big tag match that Dixie promised.  It's our main event and it's about to begin.  It's going to be Jeff Hardy and Sting vs. EC3 and Rockstar Spud…oh, and the World Tag Team Champions The Bro-Mans!

With odds overwhelmingly against them, Jeff Hardy and Sting looked like they should be easily taken out.  Then again, we're talking about Jeff Hardy and Sting.  The two legendary stars have overcome disadvantages in the past.  While their entitled opposition might have less dues in the paid column, they had more partners in their corner and all of them were strong competitors.  Jesse and Robbie E saw most of the in-ring action for their team and used much of the tag maneuvers that have kept the titles around their waists.  In fact all looked great for Bromantic Carters until Ethan's ego got the better of him.  After attempting a Stinger Splash of his own, Carter found himself flying into an empty corner.  The tables quickly turned and the real Stinger came unglued.  He began pummeling everyone in sight.  The entire ring became chaotic as his punches flew.  Maybe that's why Sting never noticed EC3 rolling him up from behind for the three count.  Yeah.    

After the heartbreaking loss, both facepainted partners stood in the ring together.  Jeff Hardy was the first to speak. He credits Sting for getting him into the business and blames Dixie Carter for pulling him out.  She's taken his heart out of the wrestling industry.  Jeff's sick of it.  He's sick of the politics.  He's sick of the games.  With the crowd chanting his name and Sting trying to talk him out of any rushed decisions, Hardy lays it all on the table.

"I want to stay and fight, man, but the fight's all gone.  It's all gone.  This was my last match in TNA.  I'm gonna leave this building and I will not return until the sun shines on this dark kingdom.  Creatures, I thank you.  Creatures, I LOVE YOU!"

The Enigma removes his arm bands, hugs Sting, and walks away while the shocked crowd begs him to reconsider.  It's to no avail.  Jeff Hardy leaves as Impact comes to a close. 

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