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IMPACT Coverage: A SHOCKER from Jeff Hardy! Plus - Monster's Ball, Storm vs. Gunner and more - PAGE 3

As if Bully Ray wasn't frightening enough as it is, the new incarnation of our former World Heavyweight Champion is darker than before.  Concerned for his well being, Brooke calls her man to the ring and asks Bully to stop brooding over the end of Aces and Eights.  When he refuses to even look her in the eye, she goes off.  She reminds him how he's destroyed everything - the group, his brother Devon…everything!  You've gone from being Brooke’s ticket into the main event to being a depressed emo kid sulking in homeroom.  You make her sick and she's done with you!  As Brooke attempts to leave the ring, the silent-until-now Bully grabs her arm and puts it bluntly.

"You're done when I'm done with you.  Don't worry, Brooke.  I don't blame you for me not being the World Heavyweight Champion anymore.  And I don't blame you for the end of Aces and Eights.  I don't blame you for screwing everything up because seriously, look at you, you're not much in the brains department are you?"

The moment gets eerie as the former Aces and Eights President speaks deliberately while still clutching Brooke’s quivering arm.  He tells his former main squeeze that he could piledrive her on her "ugly face" like Ken Anderson.  But that's not what he's going to do.  Her job will be to deliver the message.  Tell the others that this is far from over and it's going to get a lot worse.  With that, he dismisses Brooke from his sight.  In less than two minutes, her look of smug satisfaction has morphed into a grimace of pure terror.

 Joesph Park is still not on board with the whole "You're Abyss" thing because he's the one who arrived for the Monster's Ball Match against Bad Influence.  Clutching Janice, the spiked bat that his brother…er, uh, alter-ego…uh, friend Abyss has come to cherish, Joseph is a sweaty mess as Kazarian and Christopher Daniels plot strategy.  Sensing weakness, Impact's resident hipsters tear into the non-practicing attorney.  Being sure not to make Park bleed, the Influence held court over the ring until Joseph finally tried to crawl away from the fight.  Halfway up the ramp, though, Eric Young showed up.

Park's bearded partner tried to cut Joseph open to unleash his inner Abyss, but the EGO maniacs took him out too.  With both Park and Young incapacitated, things looked like easy sailing for Christopher and Francois.  But that's when it happened.  That's when Joseph Park started to bleed. 

The Monster came to life and suddenly Abyss possessed his brother's body, taking Park into overdrive.  Using all the Monster's patented maneuvers, Joseph became the physical embodiment of his monstrous sibling.  He finished Daniels off with a Black Hole Slam and was declared the winner as Abyss's music played.  The scene was so bizarre that even Eric Young, the man who orchestrated it at all, was apprehensive about approaching the monster in Park's clothing after the victory.

The TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim was outside the ring for the next match as the powerful Lei'd Tapa faced off against O.D.B.  Anyone who doubts the strength of the Knockouts needs to see this match immediately.  Both women displayed power and toughness that few could even dream to attain.  Although Tapa was impressive, it was O.D.B. who looked like she was on her way to victory.  That's when Gail, behind the referee's back, reached in and was able to stop any momentum against her Amazonian friend.  Lei'd took advantage of the help and parlayed it into a pinfall victory.  Lei'd Tapa is dangerous enough on her own.  With the Knockout's Champion in her corner, how can anyone ever stop her?

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