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IMPACT Coverage: A SHOCKER from Jeff Hardy! Plus - Monster's Ball, Storm vs. Gunner and more - PAGE 2

Our TNA President begins our evening after a fine introduction from her Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud.   The woman Spud called a combination of "Lady Gaga, Santa Claus, and Queen Elizabeth herself" couldn't be happier than she is right now.  After so much drama in her World Heavyweight Championship picture for so long, it's nice to breathe a sigh of relief.  It's nice to know that Magnus, her hand-picked face of the company, won't cause any headaches for her.  Through a chorus of "We Want A.J." from the crowd, the Queen of Dixieland sings her new champ's praises.  In fact, next week, Dixie has something very special planned.  That thing is…

Jeff Hardy?  No.  But he's here to interrupt her announcement.  Last week's fallen World Heavyweight Championship hopeful wants to confront the woman who stopped his rise up the ladder at Final Resolution.  Before he can, though, Rockstar ends the Jeff Hardy Show mid-sentence.  It's not his time to speak.  It's time for Dixie to speak…or as Spud delusionally puts it.

"SHUT UP!  She's the queen!"

If it ended there, it would have been more than enough.  It didn't.  Perhaps still half-drunk on egg nog, our Chief of Staff begins to rip into Hardy for his arrogant interruptions.  Seething, the Rockstar informs the Enigma that maybe he can speak next week instead, if he allows it.  Seriously.  That's when the former World Heavyweight Champion grabbed the current British agitator by the collar and forced him to quiet down.  With Spud slouched in the corner, Jeff turned his attention back to Dixie Carter. 

Then, like a spoiled Superman in shiny trunks, Ethan Carter came in to save the day.  Auntie Dee's favorite nephew takes Hardy down with a forearm to the neck.  The Charasmatic Enigma rolls out of the ring and the spotlight is back on Dixie.  She's finally able to announce that…

Sting!  Sting is here!  The Icon rushes the ring as both Spud and EC3 scurry away.  Amped up and ready for a fight, the Stinger demands a match against the entitled Carter kin.  Isn't Ethan here to be a wrestler?  If so, make the match tonight, Aunt Dixie.  Sting and Jeff Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud!

The President balks at the idea but her iconic interrupter insists.  For that reason, she gives in.  Vaguely, Carter agrees to a tag team main event.  Her music begins to play but she can't understand why.  Carter insists that she's still making an announcement.  We go to a commercial break anyway.

After taking a brief time out, we return to find that our TNA President is still standing in the ring.  Her music is still playing and she's determined to make her announcement.  No one could stop her now.

Except maybe Gunner.  Because he does.  The Modern Day Viking with the prized Feast or Fired case stomps his way into the middle of Dixie's spotlight to claim his briefcase's World Heavyweight Championship shot.  Tonight.  He wants his match with Magnus.  Make it happen, boss.

Oh silly Gunner.  Dixie can't make that happen because Magnus isn't even here.  He's over in the United Kingdom celebrating with his people.  Bless your heart.  Now take a walk so this announcement can just happen already!

The Viking doesn't take the hint.  Instead he interrupts the President again to ask that she warn Magnus that he's coming for him next week.  Again, she gives him a condescending okie-dokie and a pat on the head.  All she wants is some peace and quiet to make her big announcement about next week.  Lucky for her, the coast appears to be clear.

Sorry…about your damn luck.  That's because James Storm, Gunner's estranged tag team partner, decides to join the party.  The Cowboy isn't happy.  You see, James has friends in low places apparently.  His partner may have the case that gives him a World Title shot, but he also owes a World Title shot too.  Storm brings up Gun's white towel surrender during his bout against Bobby Roode.  He faults his partner for costing him a chance at the top championship in TNA.  No one asked him to save anyone's hide.  But he took it upon himself to do it anyway.  Gunner justifies this act by claiming it was done for James's own well-being.  Mr. Intensity even brings up Storm's beating in a bar the night before by Roode. 

Hey, speaking of that, Gunner, how did Bobby know where James Storm was drinkin' that night?  Someone stooge him off?  Was that someone maybe you, partner? 

The accusation doesn't go over well and it looks like we're about to have a full scale fight.  That's when Dixie Carter steps in and makes it official.  It is a fight.  Gunner vs. Storm for the World Heavyweight Title Shot Briefcase.  It's Gunner's punishment for interrupting her and it's next.  Oh, and as for that big announcement…Dixie's not in the mood anymore.  She'll tell you later.

Anyone who thought they were in for a friendly encounter between two tag team partners doesn't know Gunner and James Storm.  Sure, they have history together, but a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship trumps personal partnership every time.  When you factor in all the dirty laundry and angry feelings that have been aired out recently, you have all the makings for a physically grueling encounter.  Eventually, the brawl spilled to the outside and stayed there.  Senior referee Earl Hebner had no choice but to ring the bell and rule the bout a double countout.

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