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#IMPACT365 Austin Aries Sings "Silent Night"

On this Christmas Eve,  X Division Champion Austin Aries treats us to his vocal stylings with the holiday classic "Silent Night".

Austin Aries Sings "Silent Night"








#IMPACT365 Jeff Hardy Reacts To Magnus Winning The Heavyweight Title

In these spectacular never before seen videos from Final Resolution, we see why Jeff Hardy is one of the great risk takers in the history of wrestling!

Spectacular Jeff Hardy Slow Motion Fall Off Ladder From Final Resolution 2013

Jeff Hardy Slo-Mo Dive From the Top of the Cage From Final Resolution 2013

Footage from IMPACT WRESTLING's second screen experience "IMPACT Interactive", cameras get comments from Magnus, Ethan Carter, Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud following the events of #FinalResolution the his World Heavyweight Title win.

#IMPACT365 Magnus, Dixie, EC3 & Spud Moments After World Heavyweight Title Win

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#IMPACT365 Why is Eric Young Trying Bring Out the Abyss from Joseph Park?

#IMPACT365 Madison With a Message for the Fans Following her Return to IMPACT WRESTLING

#IMPACT365 Bobby Roode Has a Few Things To say About Kurt Angle...

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