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Before the Dixie Land Match starts to determine our new World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy steps into the cage to address all the critics following his secretly videoed meeting with Dixie Carter last week.  Jeff admits to past mistakes but also admits to present happiness.  He has no reason to disappoint his wife, daughter, and fans.  He won't sell out.  He's just like AJ Styles. That's why he told Dixie Carter…

Hold up, darling.  No one tells Dixie Carter anything.  The TNA President steps right up to the reformed Enigma. You want to compare yourself to Styles?  Fine.  It's a good comparison because, just like AJ, you owe everything to Dixie.  She's the one who stood by you and supported you.  The fans abandoned you but Carter didn't.  That's why you got to keep your job, Hardy Boy.  But if you'd like to follow the Phenomenal One out the door, you can go right ahead.  Sell your own merch.  Hawk your own CDs.  But in the meantime, you're living in Dixie Land, my friend.  Our self-satisfied President takes her seat at ringside and orders the match to begin.

Beginning in a steel cage, the highly anticipated World Heavyweight Championship Tournament final was violent from the start.  Magnus used his size to keep Hardy down, but was left stunned by a barrage of high risk moves.  The cat-like quickness of Jeff allowed him many opportunities to regain his composure as Dixie Carter, now joined by her nephew EC3, viewed the bout from the top of the stage.  Their expressions showed no reaction to either man gaining momentum.  When Jeff hit a Whisper in the Wind and climbed to the top of the cage, everyone prepared for him to escape.  Nope. 

Whisper in the Wind.  From the top of the cage.  Seriously!!!

Magnus wasn't the only one stunned by the breathtaking maneuver.  It took something out of Hardy too.  When they both began climbing out of the cage at the same time, it looked like we had a race to the ladder.  That's when Ethan Carter III ran up and tried to stop Mag from reaching the floor.  Anyone assuming that this was done at Jeff Hardy's insistence was proven wrong when Hardy ran over to make the save.  He hit Ethan with a Twist of Fate and the match continued on the floor.

Jeff got the better of the exchange and made his way to the all-important ladder.  Hardy climbed the rungs and we looked like we were moments away from an Enigmatic World Heavyweight Champion.  But, alas, we weren't.  Rockstar Spud materialized out of nowhere and sent the ladder crashing to the ground - Hardy and all.

That's when things started to become clear.  With Dixie Carter and Spud cheering him on, the rising star made his final assent. Magnus climbed the ladder, retrieved the World Heavyweight Championship, and made history…but not in the manner anyone expected.  Team Dixie couldn't be happier. That says it all.

With a new World Heavyweight Champion and a new group of friends in his corner, Final Resolution ends with Magnus. 



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