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Final Resolution Coverage: NEW World Champion crowned, Feast or Fired briefcases revealed, Angle vs. Roode and more - PAGE 3



Last week, Eric Young blew Joseph Park's mind.  After over a year of searching for his brother Abyss, Park learned that he was actually Abyss the whole time. The attorney refuses to believe it though.  He protests as Eric brings him to the ring for the first part of what Young calls his two part science experiment.  Before he gets to part one, he tells Joseph what part two is.


Next week on Impact, Joseph Park will face both Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in a Monster's Ball Match.

Sweating profusely, Park trembles at the notion of facing Bad Influence in his "brother's" match.  But Young assures him not to worry.  He's friends with the Monster.  He wouldn't sign you up for a match without first giving you some special gifts he has. What does any hardcore maniac want for the holidays?  Of course.  A chair, a bag of thumbtacks, barbed wire, and…


That's right.  Abyss's infamous spiked baseball bat makes its TNA return.  It's something the "missing brother" could never forget.  Neither could the heads of her many victims. With an old friend in hand, Park's expression morphs and he agrees to the match.  Bad Influence badly wanted for the Monster to return.  Next week, they've got him.

One week ago, four men retrieved briefcases in TNA's Feast or Fired match.  Three of them will receive title shots and one will be fired.  But tonight, all four would learn their fates.  Uncomfortably seated in a backstage conference room, Chavo Guerrero, Ethan Carter III, Gunner, and Zema Ion all sat by their respective cases as Dixie Carter walked into the room.  After patting herself on the back for creating this unique opportunity, the TNA President turns the floor over to Jeremy Borash, who orders each case to be opened. 

Case #2 - Zema Ion: X-Division Championship Match

Case #1 - Gunner: World Heavyweight Championship Match

With two happy campers already gone, it comes down to the final two.  EC3 and Chavo Guerrero both speak highly of their family names and seem ready to open…when Sting suddenly arrives.  When Dixie tells him he's not needed, the Stinger begs to differ.

"I am needed here. I asked EC3 to do something great and as a result, his legacy is on the line.  Ugh. The word legacy in the same sentence with EC3 makes me nauseas!  What makes me nauseas is what you're doing to this place.  Chavo, did anyone ever hand you anything in his business?"

Guerrero says no and asserts that his family has had to work twice as hard for greatness.  The interrupting Icon then offers EC3 one last safety net.

"What if I was to take the fate of whatever is in this case and put it on me?  There's only one prerequisite.  That's that you fight me just one time only!"

Ethan thinks about it for less than a second before turning Sting down.  He'll take his chance with case #3. Thanks anyway.

With that, both cases are opened.

Case #4 - Chavo Guerrero: Fired

Case #3 - EC3: Tag Team Championship Match

Needless to say, the Carters are thrilled while the Guerrero is dejected.  Stinger gives Chavito a pep talk before exploding in anger on Dixie and her nephew. But when he leaves, the TNA President laughs at all his Stinger Drama.  Ethan seems more shook up, but ultimately leaves with a smile on his face too, eagerly exclaiming, "Let's tell Uncle Serg first!"


For weeks, Gail Kim has searched outside TNA for any serious challengers.  When her ex-BFF Madison Rayne returned to the company last week, her search appeared to be over. Rayne and ODB used that momentum going into their tag match with Gail and Lei'd Tapa, but it looked like they might have been in over their heads at first.  The match initially showed how cunning the Knockouts Champion and her Barbarian Princess could be in a tag capacity. However, it also showed how distracted Gail can get by her own confidence.  With Madison at her mercy, the champ took too long to gloat and wound up in a well timed backslide.  After three raps of the mat, it was official.  Madison Rayne had pinned the TNA Knockouts Champion.  Next time, it might not be a tag match.


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